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Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

Today I made homemade almond joy bars.  They are spectacular! I got the basic recipe from here, Part-time Health Nut.  I sort of just looked over the ingredients and did my own thing. Awesome.  Just awesome. Advertisements

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Furious Anger and Jasmine Rice with Almonds and Golden Raisins

As some of you know I life in academia.  This morning during a lab meeting a girl in my lab presented work from a paper she just submitted.  In this presentation, she talked about data from a protein model, that … Continue reading

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Yummy Beans with Fresh Corn

I should be reading a grant proposal.  I am doing anything but.  I cleaned yesterday, and today I did errands and wrote exams for the little girl I tutor.  Now I’m writing this.  Soon I will do it, just not … Continue reading

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Stay Away From the White Stuff, It’s Bad for the Blood

I am going to go a month without flour or sugar.  I need to figure out what I can eat so it’s easy.  To be clear, this is not gluten free, and not carb free.  I will not eat any … Continue reading

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Lazy Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms

As promised I am trying to be a better blogger. I have had very little interest in cooking lately, but I bought fixings to make stuffed peppers a week ago. I was not going to let so many lovely mushrooms … Continue reading

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Yelling at the Rain

“She generally gave herself very good advice, (though she very seldom followed it).” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass I am sometimes a bitchy ungrateful thing. My family, after a touch of passive aggressiveness decided … Continue reading

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Wedding Planning Sucks, Europe Planning is Easy, and Ceviche is Gross

So I took a week off. Today was my first real day back at work, other than tutoring and taking care of my cells, so I guess I only sort of took a vacation. Anyhow, for me it’s a vacation. … Continue reading

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Food Allergies and Travel, aka Bitchfest

I have mentioned that I am allergic to dairy. Not an anaphylaxis allergy, but every tissue swells. I feel wretched for weeks. I am literally unwell for a solid week, joints hurt for weeks, and I’m not entirely “normal” for … Continue reading

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You Can’t Go To Canada Without Scones! (Vegan Blueberry Scones!)

Since I was little my families idea of a vacation was to go to Canada and watch plays for a week.  To continue this tradition I am driving up to Canada with my mother to go watch four plays in … Continue reading

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Feeling Better, but Still Half-Assed

This is my second attempt at this post.  I just got a new laptop that is still being set up.  Also the  keys are ridiculously hard to press.  So I’m typing like a half dumb monkey.  Anyhow, that aside, forgive … Continue reading

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