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Start Again

I am sure my weight has gone up considerably, and I was not at a goal weight for my wedding.  I have however finished up my PhD and not killed anyone. I liked this blog, and it was good for … Continue reading

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To the Moon and Back Again

I wrote a fluffy cute poem, to tell a story to go along with the drawings.  I have no idea where we’ll use it, but It could make for a nice triptych with the sketches once they’re cleaned up. Hand … Continue reading

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Drawing for Favors

I had surgery of sorts on Tuesday, so I’ve been semi brain dead. I’ve been cleaning my apartment and doing some tedious wedding things.  I’m really pleased with this drawing.  I think we’ll use it for our wedding favors.

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Rough Sketch of the Guest Book

I drew this today with a tiny bit of cheating with stars and rocket. I need to redo the stars, I just copied and pasted them. I’m pleased with it so far. When I print it and hand draw it … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

Today I made homemade almond joy bars.  They are spectacular! I got the basic recipe from here, Part-time Health Nut.  I sort of just looked over the ingredients and did my own thing. Awesome.  Just awesome.

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My Dress

I have picked my dress! I ordered it from a super nice seamstress.  I hope I love it this much in 10 months! The last photo is bad and over exposed, but you can see some details better.  I am … Continue reading

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Coconut and Berry Cashew Date Balls

The last week has been hard.  My car was broken into over the weekend.  They stole my ipod and any change they could find, which is fine.  Those things are replaceable. What I’m really upset about is they stole two … Continue reading

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Furious Anger and Jasmine Rice with Almonds and Golden Raisins

As some of you know I life in academia.  This morning during a lab meeting a girl in my lab presented work from a paper she just submitted.  In this presentation, she talked about data from a protein model, that … Continue reading

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Yummy Beans with Fresh Corn

I should be reading a grant proposal.  I am doing anything but.  I cleaned yesterday, and today I did errands and wrote exams for the little girl I tutor.  Now I’m writing this.  Soon I will do it, just not … Continue reading

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Day 5, Quick Losses

Last night I was so light headed.  I decided if I didn’t feel better today I would eat something with sugar in it.  Luckily today is much better. With no flour or sugar no matter what I eat I don’t … Continue reading

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