To the Moon and Back Again

I wrote a fluffy cute poem, to tell a story to go along with the drawings.  I have no idea where we’ll use it, but It could make for a nice triptych with the sketches once they’re cleaned up.

Hand in hand they stood
Under the yellow smiling chap
She asked with a laugh,
Do you love me the distance up to that?
With no reply he stole away
And beckoned her to follow
She ran behind staying close
As he lead her into a hallow
Hidden behind an old gnarled tree
Sat a rocket, no longer brave and new
Despite his joy and zeal
She doubted that it flew
Upon it he climbed and helped her to his side
Then up he jumped and tied to its nose a helium balloon
And to her great surprise all their loved ones followed
With a wink and wish they went, onwards to the moon!
On they went, through the clouds
Above the earth they alighted
To the yellow smiling chap they flew
And upon reaching him were delighted
From within a warm embrace
He whispered this refrain
“I love you from here to home,
And to the moon and back again.”
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  1. Kristy says:

    where are the blogs?

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