Coconut and Berry Cashew Date Balls

The last week has been hard.  My car was broken into over the weekend.  They stole my ipod and any change they could find, which is fine.  Those things are replaceable. What I’m really upset about is they stole two rings from India.  One of them was a gift from someone.  It was his lucky ring, and he never took it off.  He gave it to me in the car on the way to the airport.  It is one of my most precious things, which is why I carried it with me in my change purse.  I reported it but I know the police won’t do anything.  The people in the downstairs apartment had a party that night, and I told them what happened and they said they will make it right.  It gives me some hope, which is a dangerous thing.  I called the person who gave me the ring and he wasn’t concerned it was stollen, he was more concerned with how upset I was about it.  He said he will bring me a new one when he comes to visit me.  I know neither will happen, but it was comforting.  I’m thinking about putting up posters with a reward.  I just don’t know if it won’t help.

Then on Monday I had have blood work done, and I had to speak to a professor from Israel.  Last time he came it was miserable.  This time it was actually really nice.  It makes me realize how much I’ve learned in the past few years.  The conversation was very different as was the dynamic. Then yesterday I had to give a lab presentation and right after have a ct urogram (a ct of my kidneys with contrast).  The lab presentation was probably the best I’ve given.  My new laptop doesn’t plug directly into the over heard, so I made everyone circle up to see the laptop.  The informality took away my nerves and I was coherent.  I think it’s strange I can teach, and perform with no nerves, but when I have to present scientific work to peers I get so nervous.  I have literally forgotten what I was saying mid sentence.

Anyhow, the weight is slowly going down.  I’m not really dieting, so I’m pleased with it.  I haven’t been active this week for the above reasons.  I may eat a sub today.  I’m just so tired and I’m not really getting any less tired.  It has been 16 days with no sugar or flour and we decided this week will be the last.  I am going to visit friends this weekend and go to a birthday party, so it is already nearly impossible to eat when I’m there, if I had no sugar or flour I wouldn’t blame people for wanting to stab me. I crave it less than the beginning, but I’m still very spacey and forgetful. I think we will keep it as a Monday-Friday thing, but eat sugar and flour on weekends.

Since we wanted something sweet this weekend, we made delicious coconut and berry cashew date balls.  They are delicious.


  1. 1.5c cashews
  2. 1c pitted dates
  3. .5c strawberries
  4. .5 blackberries
  5. .5c unsweetened coconut + coconut for rolling
  6. 1 teaspoon vanilla
  7. .5 teaspoon cinnamon

Put 1c of cashews into the food processor and make them into basically a nut butter, then add the berries and dates.  Be sure to scrape the cashews from the bottom and when the consistency is fairly smooth, add the coconut and remaining cashews.  You don’t want to make them into a butter, just cut them into small bits to add texture.  I am terribly impatient, and I immediately rolled them into very sticky balls and rolled them into the coconut.  I think if I had left them in the refrigerator for a few hours it would have been less messy, and easier to roll them.

Anyhow, they are easy and delicious!

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