Yummy Beans with Fresh Corn

I should be reading a grant proposal.  I am doing anything but.  I cleaned yesterday, and today I did errands and wrote exams for the little girl I tutor.  Now I’m writing this.  Soon I will do it, just not now.

It is day 7, and my head is 95% better. I am still under the bell jar, but I’m not sure how to fix that.  I’m continuing the things that normally make things better, so I just need to hope and keep pressing on.  I read some body image blogs this morning, and at the risk of being an asshole, despite how scattered I feel, I’m doing ok.  Everything in this life is relative. The sun will come out for me soon, I just have to wait and not destroy my life in the meantime.

Mr. F was awesome this weekend.  On Friday I was miserable, partially from the lack of sugar and flour, and partially for the loss of my daytime friend.  I asked him pathetically to come this weekend and he came with no argument or question.  My very buttoned up mother even said he was a good egg.

While he was here this weekend we made beans! The great family I tutor for gave me a bag of fresh picked corn.  The kids I guess went crazy picking it.  I have a ton of corn now, and needed to cook it.  You can’t let fresh picked foods go to waste.  These were so delicious that I made it again with black beans today.  Also, they are sugar free and flour free, and vegan!


Pinto Bean Version

Yummy Beans:

  1. large can of pinto or black beans
  2. frozen butter or lima beans
  3. medium onion
  4. 3 ears of corn
  5. 1 small can rotel tomatoes and chilis
  6. 1 tomato
  7. cumin
  8. red pepper
  9. paprika
  10. salt and pepper
  11. oil to cook it in, I use veg oil
  12. tortilla chips

I’m a lazy cook.

Chop the onion, and throw it in the pan, while it’s starting to brown, cut the kernels off the uncooked corn cobs.  Throw them into the pan, and brown the whole thing. When those are browning, chop the tomato, rinse the beans, and open the frozen beans and the can of tomatoes. I’ve had trouble with the size of the pan and the amount of beans.  If you throw the frozen beans in first until they start to come apart, life is easier.  Then throw in everything else, and add the spices.  When I make pinto beans, I add a bit of water and let it cook down a bit so it is thicker.  When I make it with black beans I leave it more dry. I am not very good at amount of spices I add.  I imagine it is ~1tsp of the cumin, and paprika.  The red chili pepper is to taste, same with the salt and pepper. ImageCorn and onion, I think I’ll make this and eat it as is tomorrow. It smelled amazing. Image

The Pinto Bean Version, on my dingy ass stove, before it boiled down.

Eat it with tortilla chips. Delicious! It’s almost all I’ve eaten since Saturday.   ImageBlack Bean Version

Since I have been eating beans and beans and beans, I thought I should have something a little different for dinner tonight.  So I made a smoothie with,

  1. 2 very very ripe frozen bananas
  2. 1 scoop of vanilla soy protein powder
  3. original unsweetened almond milk



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