Day 5, Quick Losses

Last night I was so light headed.  I decided if I didn’t feel better today I would eat something with sugar in it.  Luckily today is much better. With no flour or sugar no matter what I eat I don’t feel satisfied.  It’s really interesting.  It helps me make a distinction between hunger and satisfaction.  Not even potatoes seem to make a difference.

I had to stop talking to the Frenchman.  It is for the best in the long run but it feels like a loss right now.  He went too far and neither me or his fiance appreciated it.  I’m very sad about it but probably for very vain reasons.

The good loss is a few pounds! I said I would avoid the scale until next week, but because I am so ready to eat something sugary and comforting I had to know if at least there was progress.  I seem to have overcome my plateau.  I am down to 205.  I had been stuck at 208/209 for weeks. If I can be strict with my work outs, I can be out of the 200’s soon!

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