Day 2, and Quick Chatter

The no flour and no sugar thing doesn’t seem so hard.  The only big problem is I desperately need to go to the grocery store. I looked up a bunch of recipes, so I can shop for the next week. Lots of sweet potatoes and black beans! It’s good that it is getting cold because I want warm cooked things.  Mr. F misses cake, and Princess K isn’t doing very well. I think my diet was the least changed.

Because I need groceries so badly I’ve eaten far too much popcorn, and too many clementines. They are not very satisfying things. Also, randomly, the delicious tofu and veggies my gym buddy made seems easy.  She says I’m doing everything right already, I’m just using the wrong pan.  Next time I’ll use cast iron.

I really love MMA.  I bought my own gloves today, and hand wraps. No skin was removed!  I start going twice a week in October. The only thing about MMA that I am not excited about is a girl I used to know told me happily she has started going.   I really don’t want to work out with her.  I tried to distance myself from her some time back.    I have been thinking a lot lately about personality and character.  I care for more about character.  This girl has a great personality, she’s bubbly and sweet, but a rotten character.  She used to be engaged to an Orthodox Jewish boy, and she was converting.  When he would come visit she would lie about the food being kosher.  It sits with me so badly.  Anyhow, selfishly, I’m sad that the school now has someone that makes me uncomfortable. I know I’m neurotic. I hope she likes the work outs though.  She is young and generally lost and I shouldn’t be so harsh.

I’ve been avoiding the scale, because I had been getting smaller but with no weight loss. It was upsetting me.  I’ll weigh myself next week after 1 week of no flour no sugar. I’ll keep you posted. Hope for good things!

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