Hope, Bruises, and Philadelphia

I have been meaning to write for days.  I have actually started to write a few times.  Once I accidentally closed the window and lost the whole recipe I had written out.  You’ll have to wait for my amazing pakora recipe, because I don’t feel like writing it out again.  I promise to be a better blogger.  I think you can gather from recent posts life has been stressful and reasonably depressing lately.  I drove to Philadelphia yesterday.  It’s a long drive and along the way I decided I was tired of being sad.  After about 10 listenings of Cat Stevens’, Another Saturday Night, and I was feeling much better.  I also got a new travel laptop.  It is very nice to type on and teeny tiny.

On the topic of feeling better, something very nice happened last week.  The marvelous folks over at Turning Veganese, made my day and passed me a Hope Baton. I’ll add, it’s a great blog and you should read it. From what I can gather, if the Baton is passed to your blog, you have to pick 5 blogs that give you hope. I don’t know about giving me hope so much.  Hope is a strange thing, so I’ll just say these are some blogs that I adore.  I’m not sure if they’re supposed to be vegan, but mine mostly won’t be (so there!).  I want the world to be beautiful. That’s a large part of my desire to lose weight.  I want to be a beautiful thing, on all levels.  I’ve been told I have a perfection problem. Anyhow, even the sad can be beautiful, and the first three on this list go along with that.  The order is meaningless.

This guy is what I would be if I were braver.  I know it sounds weird to be jealous of a man who wanders around the Bronx taking photos of prostitute transvestites, but I am.  I think his work is moving, and honorable.  It puts things into perspective for me, and makes me want to do more.

This is related to the last; I love me a good photograph.  I need to constantly remind myself people are just people. Also, as you’ll see in the next listing, I am a sucker for fashion.  Plus I miss the hell out of NYC.

I know this is two, but they may as well be one. They were both once much better blogs.  They have gotten very well known and much less accessible.   I used to open the Sartorialist in the morning and let it inspire what I would wear that day.  I can’t do that anymore.  However Garance, is funny, and I have never gone wrong with one of her suggested products.  Again, the soul has left these, but the outside is still very pretty.

This is my gym buddies blog.  If you are gluten free, her blog is for you! In the recipe section she marks which are dairy free as well.  She is the only person who makes me Holiday cookies.  She is also an amazing crafter.  Seriously though, her cookies are disgustingly amazing.

This last one is pretty well known, but important to me.  Even before I quit eating meat, or dairy, I loved this blog.  Her south west recipes are so tasty, and so good for you. I really respect her as well.  She is clearly very busy with her blog and family, but still takes the time to answer stupid pan diameter questions.  It was really my first vegan resource. I still visit the blog on almost a daily basis just to see if there is anything new.

Onto bruises! We did grappling in the MMA class.  It sucked, but it was a very good work out.  I wish I was tougher or meaner looking sometimes.  People get too familiar with me.  My teacher, who is generally awesome, has gotten that way.  He thinks my discomfort with people touching me is hilarious. About ¾ of the way through the class my legs were radiating from mat burn.  He and my gentle loving gym buddy made fun of my delicate lady skin.  I did want to punch them both. The red turned into bruises the next day.   As much as it sucked, I look forward to the MMA classes lately.   I think I should have played some violent sport when I was young.

Lastly, Philadelphia. It was a good friend’s birthday and I thought the drive would do me some good.  I love to vacation alone, and I used to love long car rides.  They make me sore in my old age, but I do still like the quiet time alone.  The night before I went to Philly I had a nightmare I had to take a child on the ride with me.  I digress; we went to a disturbing fringe musical. It touched on feminist issues, but it isn’t worth getting into here, maybe another day. We went to an amazing Mexican restaurant, Cantina Dos Segundos, http://www.cantinadossegundos.com/.  There aren’t a ton of vegan choices, but I got the fajitas and they were spectacular. I was sad I couldn’t finish them.  I fixed that this morning. Even though it was so crowded we had to yell to each other across the table the service was still great.  Our water glasses never emptied, one girl didn’t like her drink, but hadn’t wanted to say anything.  Our waitress noticed and took it off the tab. It was just a phenomenal experience and also the first restaurant I haven’t gotten at all sick from for a while.

After we went to Little Baby’s ice cream, http://www.littlebabysicecream.com/. It is attached to a pizza place that serves vegan pizza as well, I think it was called history of pizza, but I’m not sure.  They gave me a free piece of vegan pizza which I shared.  It was a lucky night.  The ice cream was good.  It wasn’t life changing the way I feel Lula’s in NYC is, but I will go back.

And here is my free pizza! It’s beyond compare because it was free.

Plus, I looked nice yesterday. It’s great when you don’t do anything really special and for whatever reason that day you just look great.  That made me feel better too.

I am almost a person again, and with my guilt for not blogging, I have been thinking about things to write about.  I had blood work done, and everything was great, and I’ll write about that later.  I also had an ultrasound of my kidney.  I’ll find out on Friday how that is going.  I imagine it’s fine. It has been for years. Today I was motivated to get my world more in order.  I am still having issues with food.  Whenever I eat lately my back aches.  I assume it is vestigial gal bladder stuff, but it’s annoying.  I did a mound of dishes, bathed and groomed the dog, took out the garbage and recycling, put together a book shelf, visited my sister, brought the towels and sheets to be washed, changed my sheets, bought new pants from a brand that is normally far too small, bought a faux leather jacket that is über cute, and I’m on fire. Forgive the video, but the song makes me laugh. “I took out the trash today and I’m on fire!”

One last unrelated thing, my ex boyfriend, who is still a close friend, decided it was his mission in life to find my blog.  I am doing my best to keep this as anonymous as possible so I don’t worry about hurting feelings.  He claims to not have read it, that he just wanted to prove he could find it.  The strange stats from that day however suggest otherwise.  I thought I should post some terribly embarrassing photo of him here, because if he is reading it, I know he’ll react. Instead I will wait until he accidentally stumbles and mentions something from here.  Then I will share the joy of an embarrassing gnome photo, (that is what I will call him from here on out).  Woot to childish behavior!

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