Wedding Planning Sucks, Europe Planning is Easy, and Ceviche is Gross

So I took a week off. Today was my first real day back at work, other than tutoring and taking care of my cells, so I guess I only sort of took a vacation. Anyhow, for me it’s a vacation. In my week off I tried to plan my stupid wedding and to solid up plans for my Europe trip.

I love my fiance, but he is not terribly helpful. My mother could care less, my one local sister glazes over and looks annoyed whenever I mention anything wedding related to her (I have said very little to her so it isn’t that I talk too much about. In fact when I text her I was engaged her response was “What??????????” and that was all I heard for a day), I am not close to his family, my grad school friends are all as busy as I am and care as little as I do, and my college friends live very far away. My gym buddy is happy to help, and she’s big on making pretty things. However, she clearly can’t make calls for me. Another one of my sisters, the one in Colorado, just keeps giving me advice and ignores everything I say to her. “You should have a buffet.” When I’ve told her the only thing Mr. F cares about is that it’s properly catered. “You should have it at home and not so near the City.” after I’ve told her many members of Mr. F’s family can’t go if we have it too far away from the city, and everyone on our side drives. She even told me to go buy a dress from David’s Bridal. I had told her after I went to that place what a horrible experience it was. I am short and wide. Their dresses are not made for me. When people say, it can be altered, no, they would have to remake the whole dress. The chest is TOO big, the waist falls too low, and a tea length dress goes PAST my ankles. When the woman decided to start helping me, after I told her to please not to, she brought me a dress so ugly, that after telling her it would make me look like Merry-Weather from sleeping beauty, decided it was all my ego could take and left. The long and short of it, everything about wedding planning sucks. People give you the run around, they hear the word wedding and jack up the prices. A website will tell you that they are non-profit and have reasonable fees, then they charge 2000$ to have a ceremony that you have to provide your own chairs for. The whole thing is just horrible. Anyone reading this, ELOPE! Unless you are ridiculously wealthy, don’t do it!

I’ve decided I will lie to the restaurant. I am not telling them it’s a wedding. It is a large private room, there is no reason for them to know. There will be no more work for them either way, but I bet the price will go up another 20$ a head. I’ve gotten a run around with the parks, but I hope to have found one. I’ll call in the morning.

Part of the problem with the planning is I just don’t care. I want the wedding to be pretty, but I think it’s a giant waste of money and time. We are spending $1500 on a photographer! That is more than I will spend on my ENTIRE trip to Europe! I am getting married because I love Mr. F, not because I want some stupid overpriced party. I doubt my dad will even show up, because I don’t want his wife to come. He skipped one of my sister’s weddings, and only sent flowers. I should say, my dad is very wealthy, like building a horse arena in his front yard for his new wife wealthy. My sister works for the state, but when she got married she worked at Red Lobster. I am a grad student living on a very very measly stipend, and he hasn’t offered a cent. Even Mr. F’s family, which lives more modestly than my own wants to pay for our cake. I really wanted to cry when he told me that because it’s the first nice thing anyone has offered to do to help me with this wedding. I love my family dearly, but they honestly couldn’t care less. My mothers reaction when I told her we would get married next summer, before the official engagement was, “Next summer? Ok.” That was the whole exchange, beginning to end. The woman I used to volunteer for at the hospital cafe hugged me, got misty and took a picture of the ring when I told her I was engaged. I went back a week later when she was on vacation, and she had told everyone and shown them the pictures. I know every family has good and bad points, but at this exact moment it’s hard not to focus on the bad parts of mine.

I apologize for the ranting, but I’m almost to the point of throwing my hands up. I haven’t been blogging because I didn’t want to just rant or whine, and this has been plaguing me for days now.

On the positive side, my trip to Europe is almost completely planned! It’s sad that a month in foreign countries is easier to plan than four stinkin’ hours. I will fly out on the Dec 27th, reach Berlin on the 28th, fly to Bologna on the 29th, take a train to Florence on the 30th, spend our new years in an AMAZING B&B right in front of the duomo, take a train to Pisa, take a quick listing photo with the tower, then fly to Paris. I rented an apartment while we’re in Paris so we can do some laundry and cook some. My sister who lived in Germany says I will lose weight in Europe because I won’t be able to eat anything; I have many sisters. After Paris, we will fly back to Berlin to Mrs. R’s apartment and she sadly has to return to work. I will pal around Germany that week, and see an old old old friend in Nuremberg, who has grown up! I guess he’s a MD/PhD now doing neurology research. He’s married with two kids! I haven’t seen him since he was 18, and I was 10. He used to spend summers with my family. I am very excited to see him. I may also go to Vienna and stay with a sisters in-law, if I can meet with a professor I desperately want to do a post-doc with. Then, after the weekend, I will go to Athens for three days and stay with a dear friend of a dear friend. I am getting very excited. I know I am going on and on, but this blog was created as an outlet for the crazy, and right now I have a lot to get out.

I need to make this point again, that ENTIRE month in Europe, airfare included, is going to cost me less than my wedding. It also took less than a week to plan the whole thing.

I have eaten like crap for the past few days. I ate a bean burrito from Taco Bell on Saturday, but I stayed within my calories. I had a massive amount of fake taco meat yesterday. I know I went over my calories. Today I had a burrito from Moe’s but it’s really all I’ve eaten today, so I’m within my calories-ish, but not healthy. On Sunday morning, weight had finally come off again after the night of, “I just don’t care”. However it is back again today. I have to believe the math is wrong. I should be losing more weight. I can’t cheat one day and gain back a ton of weight. I also can’t eat 1000 calories a day and burn 400-1000 a day and not lose weight. My bottom has gotten noticeably smaller, and my arms more tone. Maybe there will be a muscle gain, fat lost period that won’t show up on the scale, but I’m getting impatient. Also my new scale, which I have told you is a POS in previous posts, likes to tell me I’ve lost massive amounts of weight. It’ll tell me that for multiple tries. I’ll come back 10 minutes later, and it’ll tell me I’m the same weight I was the day before, which I expected to be. I have broken out the old scale that attacked my foot, because although it’s evil, at least it’s consistent. I’d rather have a known enemy, than a fickle friend.

I am going to go and try to feel a little less miserable. I actually did cook in the past week. I guess I’ll post a quick recipe. I honestly didn’t like it, however Mr. F loved it. He even brought it home to share with his family, and they loved it too. His family is from Ecuador. Ceviche is his favorite food. He doesn’t eat it often because of the cholesterol, and I guess there was a cholera outbreak years back. We made Ecuadorian style vegan ceviche. I guess the difference is, it has ketchup in it. The ketchup was really my issue, because it was all I could taste. However it seems central to this recipe.

  1. Two cucumbers peeled and cubed
  2. Large tomato cubed
  3. Avocado cubed, ours was rotten so we had to go without 😦
  4. 1 can of drained corn
  5. 1/2 cup fresh lime juice (around 5 limes)
  6. 1/2 cup ketchup
  7. 1/2 white onion, chopped small
  8. 1/2c-1c cilantro cut small, I like cilantro so I used a ton.
  9. Popcorn to eat with it

Mix it all together and viola, ketchupy vegetables. If you are not South American, I would use 1/4 c of Ketchup MAX.


He loved it and ate three large bowls in a disturbingly short amount of time. I know I will have to make it again. I’m just glad it’s easy.

One last quick bitch, I do not look like I’m 210 lbs! I am not saying I’m tiny, but some of the people on the weight loss shows who are much taller look much larger at the same weight. I assume most people lie about their weight, if it’s a strange enough situation for them to give it. Someone posted photos of their profile view on their weight loss blog, and it seemed like a good idea to document it. Forgive the mess. Keep in mind, I’m 5’1”.

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