You Can’t Go To Canada Without Scones! (Vegan Blueberry Scones!)

ImageSince I was little my families idea of a vacation was to go to Canada and watch plays for a week.  To continue this tradition I am driving up to Canada with my mother to go watch four plays in Stratford, ON. We usually stay in bed and breakfasts, and one staple food has always been amazing scones.  We haven’t been for several years, and I have no doubt that I will not be eating scones this year from the B&B.  It made me sad to think I wouldn’t get my Canadian scone, so I did the next best thing.  I made my own! I can’t take the credit for this recipe.  I followed one I’ve had bookmarked for a year now, fairly faithfully.  One thing I will add though, if you are using frozen blueberries, increase the cooking time by ten minutes. I used original earth balance not the butter flavored.  They have recently linked the fake butter flavoring to Alzheimer’s disease.  Also, these look small in the original recipe photos, but these suckers are massive.

Here are some more photos from the baking process.  It’s a bit messy but well worth it!

Everything fresh out of the freezer,

ImageThe dough before I put it in the freezer.  Work it as little as possible! ImageBeautiful sugar I have been waiting for a proper opportunity to use. It gives great texture to the scone. ImageYou make the dough into a ball and flatten it on a floured surface.  It’s sticky as all get out.ImageI put them a little too close together.  They get bigger.  I sprinkled a generous amount of the lovely sugar on top. ImageIt is taking effort not to describe how amazing these scones are with expletives.  I will be making them again.  They also are only about 280 calories per GIANT scone.

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