I haven’t been feeling 100% since the weekend.  I’ve been exhausted but I ignored it and continued on.  Today on the way to the MMA class I was breathing so badly I used my inhaler.  I keep one in the car for emergencies, because of the dairy issue and all.  I am asthmatic, but it doesn’t matter except when I’m sick.  My mother is VERY asthmatic, and it is terrifying.  About ten minutes into the MMA class I had to stand to the side and cough my lungs out.  I’m still a little wheezy, and if it continues tomorrow morning I’ll go see my dad after I have some blood work done.  My dad is my GP.  I have to have blood work done to check hormone levels because I had to have an ovary removed a year ago because it had a massive (MASSIVE) dermoid tumor on it.  The blood work is routine but it’s a bother.  This really is a wandering post.  Anyhow, the MMA class, it was fun but we need to invest in smaller pads.  The medium ones are far too big.  I had to ice my wrist after we were done.  We are going to tape it next week.  I’m not sure of what else to do.  Today there was a great deal of kicking.  I am good at kicking!  My gym buddy is 5 inches taller than me though.  It forces me to always kick high, even when I should be kicking low. We have to work on that.

I have a fridge full of food, but I ate soup and salad for dinner.  I am trying to always have a fridge of ready to eat food, so I never have to eat crap or go out.  The problem with that is I always want to eat the same favorite things.  I also have a pot of chana dal soaking.  In the next few days I’ll post a recipe with that.  It has no zucchini in it I promise.  Because of my fantastic food choices today, and my multiple work outs, I came in hugely under my calories. I ate about 1500 calories, and burned around 1200.  According to the math I should be losing about three lbs a week.  I am of course not but again, the trend is generally positive (or negative I should say!) so I am happy.

The point of all this chatter is, I’m sick, I’m sore, and I didn’t get to eat the food I wanted to eat today.  Through all that, I am in a fantastic mood and I feel very good about myself and choices.  I will continue to continue!

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