Diet Update

My weight went up for unknown reasons last week, but I didn’t panic. I am proud of that.  Normally I would.  However it went back down again today.  I down to 211.  I’m hoping a pound or two come off before the weekend.  I would like to be below 210.  Also I am starting to see a small difference.  Sadly I carry a mammoth amount of weight in my derriere.  It is hard to find pants because my waist is not in proportion to my bottom. However, I bought a pair of PJ shorts several weeks ago without trying them on.  When I tried them on at home, they were unbearably snug. Now they fit perfectly, I am in fact wearing them now!

I think if I can just mentally stick to my diet, and keeping track of food, even if I have days I fail, I can do this.  The progress may be slow, but there is progress. I just have to imagine where I would be if I had done nothing.  That is enough of a push.

I will swim today!

This was a good article from the NYT. I was looking through the blogs that liked this post.  This came from one of them.

“Sold on the Feeling, if Not the Benefits to Health”

And another related article sent to me by a friend.  You don’t need to run marathons improve your healthy. “Moderation as the Sweet Spot for Exercise”

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One Response to Diet Update

  1. Kinenchen says:

    I definitely have those days when my weight jumps a few pounds and then it’s right back to where it should be. You’re doing all the right things (paying attention to calorie intake, nutrition, exercise). As long as you feel healthy and can do the things you want to do, that’s what’s really important (though I definitely sympathize with struggling with stubborn poundage…)

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