Quick Deliciousness

I have wanted sweets in the last few days.  When I got home from tutoring, I didn’t really want dinner; I just wanted something sweet.  I threw together this smoothie, which really should be called a milkshake and it was delicious!

It’s super simple too.

  1. Two frozen bananas
  2. Several spoons of vegan nutella
  3. One cup almond milk

Throw it in a blender and enjoy! Mine didn’t last very long! Plus it probably only had 350/400 calories, depending on how much nutella you use. It isn’t super low for a drink, but not bad for something so decadent.

I made the vegan nutella last night, so of course I also had to have it for breakfast. Don’t worry, I worked out today.

On an unrelated note, the annual Veggie Awards are now. One of my favorite vegan blogs, the FatFree Vegan Kitchen is nominated.  Even if you don’t vote for that blog, if you are a vegan, you should vote.  I try to vote for the unknown brands I love in hopes of it helping them expand. I apologize in advance for the shit show that is the Veggie Awards webpage.

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3 Responses to Quick Deliciousness

  1. Kinenchen says:

    Nice ingenuity! We get dark chocolate dreams from the Peanut Butter Company but yours looks better.

    • teapotvegan says:

      If you do make it from the recipe that I posted, soak the hazelnuts instead of putting them in the oven. The flavor the roasting adds takes away from the dessert quality. That being said, it’s SO easy to make. It is even easier than almond butter.

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