I am so sore today.  I am more sore from the MMA workout today that I was yesterday.  Someone told me that it means it was a really good work out when you are more sore the second day.  I have a friend visiting for the weekend but she’s gone for a few hours.  I had planned on going to the gym while she was away but I think I need a day off.
I took the dog for an hour long walk this morning and that may do it for the day.  It was already ridiculously hot at 9 am.  I am also terribly hungry today.  I am trying to keep my calories low.  My friend likes to eat out and even making good choices in restaurants, it is more calories than a home meal.  She’s muslim, but gets to eat this weekend. I will not deny her food as she’s been fasting all month.

Loosely speaking of, my weight went up 2 lbs, but I’m not terribly concerned.  I know my weight cycles through the month.  I know I have stayed in my calories for weeks.  I can’t be gaining genuine weight.

While she’s away I may make some almond butter I saw on this blog, Playful and Hungry. I think I may add a bit of honey and cinnamon, results to follow.  I eat peanut butter and celery a lot as a snack.  I think this will be a good alternative to that. Also I read this yesterday, Almond Calories, which makes me want it even more.  I threw a kiwi into my smoothie this morning and it was not a good addition.  I think making some successful almond butter will soften the blow of the terrible smoothie.

Lastly, I know most people reading the blog are vegans.  Do any of you have suggestions for low calorie snacks?  I get tired of peanut butter and celery, popcorn, and humus and carrots after a while.

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1 Response to Exhausted

  1. thanks for mentioning my blog!
    For the low calorie snacks: Have you ever tried rice cakes? Or what about dried fruit, fresh fruit…
    any kind of fruit! Oat bran is great, too. Even without any milk at all.

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