MMA is Fun

So I’m down to 211. It isn’t that I lost a massive amount of weight this week. I had eaten something that made me bloat up on Sunday. I have lost a few pounds, but mostly I was just deflating.

My lower body is very very strong. I rode horses and was a figure skater through childhood. I also have skied since my teens. My 6′, 250 lbs pound, football playing nephew can’t leg press as much as me. However, my upper body is very very sad. I have had terrible shoulders my whole life. I used to take gymnastics and I couldn’t even do a bridge because my shoulders don’t rotate that way. When I had the first kidney surgery, it was a very long and I had my arm placed up in a strange way. I had more pain in my shoulder than anywhere else. When I still used to eat dairy, with the fluid in my joints, I could do week long, painful damage just by sleeping wrong. That doesn’t happen anymore, but I still would like my arms to be much much stronger.

I mentioned my fantastic gym buddy in previous posts. She won a contest and got a free MMA class. She loved it. We went back this week and it was so much fun! The class we went to was mostly boxing which is exactly what I was looking for. We signed up, me for one class a week, her for two. I may sign up for two (it’s only an extra 5$ a week), but I need to see how much free time I have.

The best part of the class was how it made me reevaluate my view of my fitness level. I work out all the time, so I know I’m not in terrible shape. I however, don’t think I’m in good shape. I’m a bit insecure and generally avoid classes because I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up. I had a bit of anxiety when I saw in another class that they were doing crunches and push ups. I haven’t had to do those things in a class for a very long time. They also were doing jumping jacks, something I haven’t had to do since high school. So when we started the class I was afraid I was going to be the little fat girl that couldn’t. That wasn’t the case at all. I had no trouble with any of it. The crunches hurt because of all the weight on my coxis. An anthropology friend is certain I have little fractures from the years and years of falling while figure skating. Anyhow, I digress, I had NO problem. There were some really fit men who were huffing and puffing. When I try to do push ups at home my knees ache. I have hardwood floors. At the MMA place, they were so easy! I was really surprised happily at myself. The class lasted an hour, and only about 10 minutes of it was warming up. We managed to keep our energy for the whole class. There was a 15 year old boy on the floor complaining he was tired. Both me and my gym buddy have excessively competitive spirits, which is why we’re such great gym partners. We were very happy that we weren’t the worst people in the class, not by a long shot. Not only that, but I forget that I am small although I’m overweight. The sparing pads were far too large for me. They were sliding all over the place and I had to clench them in an odd way to keep them in place. The teacher even tried to tighten them enough for them to stay put, and it just wasn’t possible. He also lent us his own sparing gloves, and they went halfway down my forearm. Then the last thing that bolstered my ego was we got free shirts when we signed up officially. The ladies t-shirts were horrific, so we wanted the tank tops. There were no large ladies tank tops. It turns out the medium fit me just fine!

I’m done tooting my own horn. It was a good day for my ego, but not a good day for getting my apartment clean. I have a friend coming in from out of town this weekend. I will now spend the next few hours madly bleaching bathroom fixtures.

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2 Responses to MMA is Fun

  1. Kinenchen says:

    I’m a big fan of martial arts. The guys in our classes never anticipate women’s lower body strength. I am SO glad you’re finding something that keeps you motivated. 🙂

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