Quick Hurrah and a Bit of Whining

So the scale was kind this morning. I am down to 212.2lbs. That’s 7lbs down. This is a double victory for me, not just because I’ve lost but because 213lbs used to be my, I’m terribly bloated weight when I lost weight last fall. Now I just need to keep plugging along until I’m out of the 200’s. I have only done it once since I was 15 or so, as I said I’ve always been heavy. I hope I can lose it at a reasonable speed because I am working really hard, but I don’t lose weight typically. I was 214lbs 2 weeks ago and one day of eating out, even at vegan restaurants, I was back up to 219lbs. So keep your fingers crossed for me, and I’ll keep plugging away.

I seem to get “swollen” when I eat out, or eat certain foods. It doesn’t go away right away. It generally takes a week to get back down to baseline. It doesn’t really matter the calories. I’m not sure if it’s normal, but it is for me. I have trouble with food thickeners, (guar gum is evil!) as they literally make my digestive track quit moving, but in small amounts they’re ok. It’s very hard to go to a vegan restaurant and not have some form of vegan cheese in the food. Almost all solid at room temperature vegan cheeses have some form of thickener, cream cheeses as well. Before I knew it made me sick, Toffuti cream cheese literally sent me to the emergency room. Breads in excess also make me bloated, but not sick. Although it’s moot, I get horribly sick when I eat dairy in any form. I get fluid in my joints and just about every tissue in my body swells up. It isn’t an anaphylactic reaction, but it takes a month to feel like myself again. Allergists and gastroenterologists later, I know there is no magic pill to fix my food sensitivities, and I am doing the right thing now; psychotically reading every label and being wary of food other people make.

Some people have a hard time becoming vegan. For me it was very easy. The transition came in parts. I quit eating meat many years ago when I found out that pigs were smarter than dogs. It sounds like a silly reason, but it reverberated with me. Then I spent a month in India where there was almost no dairy and I felt so much better. My dairy illness had been becoming increasingly worse over the years and it reached a point I just wanted to feel better. One of the reasons I still eat eggs, other than I like them, is when I go out to eat at a non vegan restaurant if I have any hope of not being, “poisoned” I have to tell them eggs are ok, but dairy is not. Otherwise they think I’m a vegan being picky, instead of a legitimate allergy. I can’t tell you how many times there has been dairy in food I was assured had none. I’m sure any vegan reading this can commiserate with how little many, certainly not all, non vegans care about the strictness of our food choices. It makes me sad that I have a chef friend that admits to regularly serving vegetarians chicken stock.

Time for me to stop chattering and get to work!

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1 Response to Quick Hurrah and a Bit of Whining

  1. fatgirlphd says:

    Well done! 7lbs is great – and while I’m not a vegan, I am au fait on the allergies front (damn them!) so I know how hard it is… Good luck with the rest of your journey!

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