What a Long Night!

I know I put too much importance on a few lbs, but I do.  I was down to 213lbs on Friday, and yesterday I was back up to 216lbs although I stayed within my calories. It makes you feel helpless.  I had nightmares all night.  One dream was about going out to a chinese buffet with a few friends that have all moved away. While I was waiting for people I ate sweet and sour chicken and then realized I had eaten meat later on in the dream. Later in the dream I called my mom from work in a panic looking for my dogs, one of which has been dead for a few years.  All in all, a terrible night.  I woke up several times between bad dreams and decided I was just not ready to deal with the day.  Thankfully for me Mondays are work light.

I had gotten down to 195lbs for a week last October and then the holidays came and I was derailed.  I am angry at myself.  I need to stop beating myself up so much and focus on the day, and that’s what I’m trying to do. So, onto a more hopeful day.  My weight is back down to 214lbs. I started at 219lbs July 11th.  I use “loseit” on my phone to track my food and exercise.  It keeps me honest.  It’s such a great skinners box, and I advise anyone trying to lose weight to use it. Also my very best gym buddy is back from Georgia.  She was gone for two weeks and I have been slacking. We’re going to meet up soon!

Weekday mornings I usually drink a soy protein shake, which will probably follow tomorrow.  However I didn’t freeze any bananas so no shake for me.  Instead I made a fruit salad.  I had that with some coffee.  This isn’t what most of my recipes will be like, but sometimes simple is better.


Kiwi Fruit Salad

  1. 5 peeled and sliced kiwi
  2. 1 whole cantaloupe cut into cubes
  3. 2 bananas sliced

This makes about 3 servings with about 210 calories per serving.

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