My marvelous workout buddy made me feel much better! She assures me that my body fat % cannot be as high as my new scale claims it to be.  When it was checked with calipers years ago when I was larger I was 36% body fat.  My new scale claimed it was higher than that.  She is an amazing athlete and knows so much about sports medicine.

The scales that measure your body fat have to make assumptions about your internal make up.  I have had major health problems over the years.  When I was 13 I had a major kidney surgery.  A normal kidney holds about 8cc of fluid.  Mine held 100cc.  I had a congenital flaw in my ureter, it was kinked and wouldn’t allow my kidney to drain at a normal rate until it stretched to an insane size.  The surgery fixed the flaw and reformed much of the kidney to restore the original integrity.  I’m also missing my gallbladder from when I initially lost the massive amount of weight, and I’m missing my left ovary because a dermoid tumor ate it.  The point is, because of all these biological abnormalities the body weight % is off.

I think I’ll keep the scale because it’s a point of reference but I won’t let it affect me so deeply.

My work out today (so far) has been, 30 minutes on the arc trainer with a 15 minute warm up on the treadmill.  Later tonight I will play my silly wii dance game for an arm work out.  I generally do that for 25ish minutes a day.

Here is to a saner day!

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