What is a Teapot Vegan, and What Am I Doing?

I am a teapot vegan. I am short and stout and mostly vegan. I eat the occasional egg. I would like to be less of a teapot. I will share the monotonous adventures of trying to thin out with hopefully a supportive group of people. Maybe you can help me, and hopefully I can help you. I will share my frustration, success, and recipes. I need to admit, I’m not losing weight for health reasons. I’ve seen several doctors about my weight. They tell me I’m healthy and not to change my diet. My weight loss is purely vanity. With that being said, please, please feel free to commiserate or celebrate with me.

I bought a body fat scale today which shattered my illusions of being a tone fat person. I sometimes make myself feel better by comparing myself to people who weigh less but wear several sizes larger than me. I used to weigh 260 lbs several years ago but lost it all quickly and thankfully didn’t gain it back. Becoming a vegan didn’t help me lose any weight, but that wasn’t my reason for becoming one. I have always been very active. I go to the gym multiple times a week and walk my dog for at least 20 minutes every morning. It is not enough. I don’t over eat but I clearly need to fix my food and work out even more. Even healthy foods, if eaten in excess, are bad for you. I’ve been heavy since childhood and it’s time for a change.

No more excuses! I am getting married in a year and would like to lose 75 lbs before then. Today I weight 216 and a size 16. I am 5’1”. Only the height won’t be changing!

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1 Response to What is a Teapot Vegan, and What Am I Doing?

  1. theironclad says:

    The toughest part of a journey is always the first step, and it sounds like you’ve already done that. For what it’s worth, the path to being vegan was a hard one for me to walk, but it got easier and easier with support from fellow vegans and recipe resources I found through wordpress. My girlfriend, another friend and I all have been moving to veganism the last year and blogging about it. And really, that has been the best way of finding resources and support.

    Sending you super positive thoughts for the journey ahead!

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